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Sliding Door


Door Leaf: 40 (+/-2) density polyurethane is injected between two polyester painted galvanized sheets and absolutely without any wood material.

Door Thickness: 80 mm for cold storage; 100 mm for deepfreeze rooms.

Hanger Hardware: Rails, wheels, handels and necessary accessories are composite material and stainless steel.

Surface Material: Standard production is polyester painted galvanized sheet.

PVC coated or CrNi sheet on request.

Thermal Bridge: A special rubber gasket surrounds the door which ensures impermeability. Deepfreeze doors are equipped with dioded frost resistance, so, no transformer is needed.

Door Frame: A special polyethylene part inside the frame creates thermal bridge between indoor and outdoor environments. The frame's inside and outside is aluminum.

Dimensions: Standard production up to 300 x 300 cm net transition.

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